• Year 1853

    Eagle Brewing is founded by the Sprenger family.

  • 1868

    Recent German immigrants bring to Lancaster their love of beer & brewing expertise and a beer style new to Americans- lager! Over the next fifty years, the amount and quality of beer brewed in Lancaster was such that Lancaster was thought of in many circles as the brewing capital of the United States.

  • 1870

    After working at various breweries, even purchasing and selling a few, Joseph purchases the Eagle Brewery from Jacob Sprenger. The Wacker family's brewery would become an integral part of Lancaster's brewing community for the next seventy years.

  • 1880

    After 10 years of running his brewery, Joseph retires and turns operation over to his sons, Charles and Joseph Jr., who conducted business as "Charles V. Wacker and Bro."

  • 1894

    A devastating fire gives the Wacker Company an opportunity to enlarge and modernize their brewing operations in order to compete with their three city rivals: Haefner’s, Sprenger’s, and Rieker’s.

  • 1919

    Lancaster county puts a halt to all production, sales, and transportation of liquors in accordance with the 18th Amendment, thus beginning the Prohibition Era in Lancaster.

  • 1938

    Wacker family involvement in the eagle brewery ends when Joseph Jr. sells the brewery, thus ending the Wacker family’s 68 year involvement in the brewing industry.

  • 1941

    John Duschl purchases the brewery and operates it with his son-in-law Paul Danz. Under their stewardship, Wacker would upgrade their facilities and equipment which allowed the brewery to outlast all county competition.

  • 1953

    To mark the occasion of a century producing great beer in Lancaster, the 40 Wacker Brewing Company employees are paid in silver dollars.

  • 1956

    No longer able to compete with the huge Mid-Western breweries, Paul Danz is forced to close the brewery's doors. This event marks the ending of a unique chapter of Lancaster County history.

  • 2014

    The Wacker Brewing Company is reborn, a symbol of both Lancaster's rich brewing heritage and the industry's resurgence.

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